There is no future without Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities. For hundreds of years, our communities have been protecting key ecosystems worldwide, living in harmony with nature, and maintaining a delicate balance in our way of life. Our way of life is, in today’s climate crisis, a fundamental solution for humanity. Because of this, we are the Guardians of the past, the present, and the future of the world. We are the Guardians of Tomorrow.


This November, we are attending COP27 as a delegation to show world leaders that there can be no conversations about climate action without the frontline protectors of nature. We will showcase our solutions and demand that the promises made are kept, and that the investment reaches the key communities saving Mother Earth. Join us in this path and support our 5 demands:

The women of the Global Alliance
of Territorial Communities

Women from indigenous peoples and local communities are the unsung heroes of climate action. We are the fundamental protectors of Mother Earth as we are transmitters of ancestral knowledge and custodians of life. Our history is the history of seeds, forests, water, culture and our native languages. In our territories we protect more than 958 million hectares for the world to thrive.Combining ancestral methods and new knowledge, we create production networks and local markets that today sustain our economies. We fight for our children, our youth, our lands and our ancestry.


During COP27, the women of the Global Alliance of Territorial Communities are coming to speak as one, and as many, at once. Our voices will raise the question of our land rights, demand immediate action and connect with other women globally to collectively protect Mother Earth. We ask for We ask for greater support to guarantee our sovereignty and compensation for the loss and damages we are already experiencing due to climate change.. Join our journey as the healers of the Earth.

The youth of the Global Alliance of Territorial Communities

In us, the youth of local and indigenous communities, transcends the wisdom and traditional knowledge of our ancestors that promotes the protection and preservation of more than 80% of the planet’s biodiversity. We have the solutions to the current climate crisis and we have proven the effectiveness of these solutions based on ancestral knowledge and technology. Science has joined our struggle and has proved us right.

In solidarity with all living beings, youth, children and future generations, we will continue to protect the world’s remaining forests and territories as we weave links with other young people around the world to stop the threats on our lives, and together, secure a fulfilling future. We may be the last generation that can take concrete action, so we are taking responsibility and leading the solutions to the climate crisis and biodiversity loss.

At COP27, we will stand in solidarity with the global youth, to connect ideas and solutions from all regions to tackle the challenges of the climate crisis. We will join the Youth Pavilion and host a series of events to make our voices heard and our communities supported. Join the generation that is fighting for the planet’s today and tomorrow.


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