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photo: Rachel Elkind

In a world where diversity is both a challenge and a beacon of strength, the Global Alliance of Territorial Communities stands in the power of unity. Across 24 nations, the voices of indigenous peoples and local communities unite, forging a coalition of collaboration and solidarity that resounds for shared purpose.

Our origins are diverse, we come from different territories and histories, but in this convergence, we recognize the force that propels us forward – our unwavering commitment to safeguard our rights and protect our sacred territories.

Together we champion five essential demands that bind us.  Through the pursuit of these demands, we work with the promise to protect Mother Earth in the benefit of all humanity.

Land Rights

We, the indigenous peoples and local communities, maintain profound spiritual, cultural, social, and economic bonds with our lands, territories, and resources. These connections form the very foundation of our identity. We demand access to our territories to protect them and live according to our self-determination. 

Free, Prior & Informed Consent

We demand our right to Free, Prior, and Informed Consent (FPIC) as a means for our fundamental right to self-determination. FPIC empowers us when it comes to projects that affect our lives and territories. We demand our full and active participation so nothing about us can happen without us. 

Direct Financing

We demand for adequate, direct  accessible financing be made available to support our self-determined climate actions on the ground. Investing in our territories is crucial to combat climate change, desertification, and biodiversity loss for the whole of humanity. 

Protection of Life

We demand an end to the violence and unjust criminalization we endure while safeguarding our territories. It is our collective voice that calls for the respect of our rights. 

Traditional Knowledge

The core of our cultural identities and livelihoods lies in our shared traditional knowledge and innovation. We demand for our knowledge to be accorded respect and protection, and that all policies formulated within our territories proactively integrate them.

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