Strategic Plan

2024 & 2025

As we face growing pressures from oil, monoculture, mining, and other extractive industries, the climate crisis is intensifying, especially in indigenous and local community territories. Every day, indigenous and community leaders put their lives at risk to protect their lands and to denounce land grabbing and human rights violations. The degradation of our ecosystems and the destruction of biodiversity severely threaten our culture, our access to food and water, and our very lives. In response to these escalating challenges, we are proud to present our strategic plan for 2024 and 2025.

Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities (IP&LCs) are proven to be the best stewards of our Earth, with around 80% of the world’s forests under our tenure. Studies have shown that deforestation rates are lower in our territories than even in national protected areas. Our ancestral knowledge is often the most reliable source for understanding the rhythms of the Earth and protecting life in our territories.

Despite our proven stewardship role, the latest studies by Global Witness and Front Line Defenders reveal that violence against environmental defenders is increasing. We face mounting pressure to allow extractive industries to invade our territories, and often, projects proceed without securing our right to Free, Prior, and Informed Consent.

Our plan aims to accelerate action in our territories and to protect our peoples and communities rapidly to meet the urgency of the climate crisis.

Moreover, we continue to struggle to secure the financial resources needed to protect our territories. Despite recent efforts by governments and philanthropic institutions, direct financing remains scarce and insufficient to meet our on-the-ground needs. Through our Shandia platform and IP&LC-led funds, we continue to seek greater access to and transparency in funding.

Leveraging our expertise and in response to these growing challenges, the Global Alliance of Territorial Communities met in Douala, Cameroon, along with our allied organizations, to develop our strategic plan of action for 2024 and 2025. Our plan aims to accelerate action in our territories and to protect our peoples and communities rapidly to meet the urgency of the climate crisis.

Considering the importance of the upcoming COP16, COP29, and COP30, we are calling on other IP&LCs organizations and aligned institutions to join us in making these events more impactful and people-centered.

We hope that 2024 and 2025 will be pivotal years, with governments and private institutions leading more ambitious strategies that guarantee the full and effective participation of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities. Together, we can turn the tide and secure a sustainable and just future for all.

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