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The Global Alliance is ready to take centre stage at COP28. We Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities must be included in discussions about climate change. Check this page for information about where we’re going to be, articles to stay up to date about the negotiations and conversations at COP28, and subscribe to our newsletter to get round-ups directly in your inbox.

Workshop: Tracking Funds for Indispensable Partners Paris, Nov 6-7, 2023

The workshop aims to improve funding access for Indigenous Peoples and local communities, addressing existing gaps in data collection and monitoring. Our goal is to come out with actionable recommendations, emphasising systematic monitoring for informed policy, accountability, and impactful strategies to direct funding to the peoples and communities protecting the world’s richest ecosystems.

New York Climate Week 2023

The Global Alliance of Territorial Communities is excited to take centre stage at New York Climate Week, reaffirming how we indigenous peoples and local communities are the guardians of the Earth’s biodiversity and thus of humanity’s future. New York Climate Week presents an opportunity to forge a path towards a greener, more resilient world for generations to come.

Crafting a Visual Ecosystem: Unveiling Our New Brand

In a world where the interconnectedness of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities is more vital than ever, the Global Alliance of Territorial Communities (GATC) has embarked on a transformative journey to redefine its identity. Over the course of a year-long process, our organisation has carefully crafted a new brand that encapsulates the spirit of unity, […]

Yasuni Consultation: A Call to Protect the world’s most biodiverse forest against oil exploitation

The Yasuni National Park in Ecuador, the most biodiverse place on Earth and a sanctuary for Indigenous Peoples, faces the looming threat of oil extraction that could devastate its delicate ecosystems. On August 20th the Ecuadorian people will vote  on a groundbreaking consultation process to decide whether to keep exploiting oil or protect this crucial ecosystem and its cultural significance. 

Inclusive Dialogue at Amazon Summit: Indigenous Peoples must be at the centre of all dialogues

The Amazon Summit (8th and 9th of August) and the Amazon Dialogues (Diálogos Amazônicos) (4th to 6th of August) have sparked vital discussions about the preservation of the world’s largest rainforest and its immense ecological significance. However, it is crucial to emphasise that these discussions cannot be complete without the active involvement of the Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities who have historically been the most effective stewards of this invaluable ecosystem.